We help HASS coursework students build connections and enhance employability through collaborative partnerships.

Mission Statement

We develop and implement student-facing initiatives that enhance future opportunities for HASS students, by: 

  • Facilitating opportunities to build a sense of belonging and support for HASS students
  • Creating more employability opportunities within and outside the curriculum
  • Working in partnership with and building networks among students, student societies, staff, industry and alumni


  • Collaboration: We act as connectors and facilitators of collaboration across the HASS Faculty and beyond. Our activities are always collaborative and seek to engage with a wide range of partners, especially staff, students, alumni and industry.
  • Partnership: We engage in respectful and reciprocal partnerships to ensure that students’ needs and interests remain central to our activities.
  • Innovation: We are passionate about enhancing the student experience and work diligently to understand and respond to students’ needs. We take risks and test out new ideas to find out what works for HASS students.
  • Integration: Employability, retention and the student experience are interconnected. We take a holistic, integrated approach to enhancing the HASS student experience.

Our plans for 2018

  • Welcome and Induction: We will coordinate faculty level O’week activities to build connections and a sense of belonging for first year undergraduate and postgraduate coursework HASS students
  • HASS Crew: The HASS Crew will organise various cross-disciplinary and employability related events in 2018.
  • Clubs & Societies: We will engage with student clubs and societies in 2018 to support events and initiatives aimed at improving employability for HASS students.
  • Industry Mentoring Program: We will design and implement a pilot industry mentoring program to commence in semester 2, 2018.
  • Research: We will continue to conduct research on the pathways of HASS graduates, the future of work and employability.

Do you want to know about our past work?

Read our 2017 Annual Report.

Want to find out how our team began?

In 2016, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences undertook a six-month project to explore undergraduate student retention and employability in partnership with current students. Read about the HASS Undergraduate Student Experience Project that led to the creation of the Student Futures Team.